This antenna is meant to bee used in the 2 meter and the 70 cm Radio Amateur band. The antenna is 170 cm (66,9 inch) long and has 4,5 dB gain on 144 Mhz and 7,2 dB on 430 Mhz (is that possible on a Omni directional ?)

My experience on this antenna are fare, for this is not a wonder antenna. The reason that i'm using this antenna is for use on local repeater (Bergen Op Zoom, 145.6875 Mhz - 600 Hz shift and 430.2125 + 1.6 Mhz shift). For this use this is a adequate antenna


Technical data
band coverage 144146, 430440 MHz
gain 4,5/7,2 dB
connector SO-239
length 1,7 meter
power rating 200 watts
typical VSWR <1.5:1
wind survival 135 Km/h
weight 1,2 Kg