For use of the dipole on my QTH and portable use i needed a tuner to match the FT897 to the correct impedance.
Beware, your matching to the FT897 needed impedance, not the antenna !!
In my considerations on the capability's of the tuner, i wanted one that could handel everything, coax, open line, long wire on every possible location.
So i looked at some commercial and homebrew tuners and have asked around a lot for experience from other Radio Amateurs.
Eventually this resulted in the home made tuner below.

the tuner
opened up
the internals
the schematic
the shack
Click on photo for bigger one

I'm not in the possession of good schematic drawing software, so i made the schematic in Word (see photo 4).
Basically i chose a typical T match. The reason for this is that i wanted to match coax, open line and ling wire. To increase the reach of the tuner i put some switchable high power condensers parallel to the tuning condensers. For use of open line i put a 1:4 balun and for long wire a 1:9 balun on the exit of the tuner. These baluns can be connected when needed by a peace of wire on the back of the tuner. In this way the tuner stay's multifunctional.
Al parts used to build this tuner i collected on several radio rally's. Total costs are around 50 euro (34 pound, 64 dollar), which is a lot cheaper than commercial tuners (between 200-300 euro, 135-203 pound, 249-374 dollar).
The tuner urns it's services, in the shack, in the field and some events. I'm very satisfied in it's use.

Thanks to Henk, PA3Z and Hans, PA1HR for their cooperation.