The Condor 16 is nice rig which is been used by police and fire brigade departments. As the new emergency service network takes shape, these rigs come available to the Radio Amateurs, who can modify them for amateur use. All functions can be programmed into an eprom and the futures are rather complete to a commercial amateur rig. The programming future several VFO's, includes CTCSS, ZVEI, 1750 Hz, repeater functions and many more. The frequency range is the full 2 mtr range in a 12,5 or 25 Kc spacing (set in program) and 10 Watt output power. There are several types available which can be identified by a colored dot on the power module.
For programming there is a program available, just written for Radio Amateur use and can be found on the internet page of PA3EKI (Dutch) as well as lots of other information on this rig on his internet page(Dutch).
I'm using this rig for mobile use for many years with no problems what so ever.

ZVEI is a future that is not common in the world of Radio Amateur, bud it's use is slowly adapting into the Dutch Radio Amateur community. ZVEI is a calling system that consists out op 5 tones and sound's like this . There is a system manager (PA3GGM) who give out the numbers (for who wants them), which can be programmed into the rig.

The Condor 16 has no illumination of it's own, besides the digits, and can be hard to operate in the dark. There is a way to illuminate the buttons, but the information about this modification is scattered over the internet, so i've made my own description of how to do this HERE