By passing of time and door some experiences i have put together an crash kit for use in the field or emergency's. This kit exists out of important parts to run a fully equipped station in the field. Several parts of this kit are being discussed elsewhere on this homepage. In the text below i will be linking those pages.
For the small parts i have prepared a special box (picture 1 below) containing tent pikes, hammers, water level, dipole antenna with extensions, guy ropes, 50 ohm feed line etc etc.


On picture 2 you see the mast plate for the mast on picture 3.
On picture 4 you see the battery who will feed the station. This is an 135 A/h car battery and run the station for a day.
The FT897 you can see on picture 5 with it's tuner on picture 6.
On picture 7 and 8 the important things, HF antenna an de VHF/UHF antenna.
Sometimes we can operate from a utility where there are mains, in that case the RS910 power supply (see picture 9) will be tackled along.
On the last picture you see a possible exploration of the field station, but that could also be from a tent or a parked pick nick table.

A part from all this equipment is normally operated from the shack and will be packed for field duty or emergency.
The FT897 will be put into a special case (see picture 10) along with 2 Daiwa meters and all the necessary wiring.
Also a special case with tools will be tackled along for those events that repair is necessary